Universal carriage plate for Ender Extender® 400 and 500 size kits

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This carriage plate is part of a project intended to add rigidity and stability to the Y axis and the build plate.

(Sorry, this plate may not work on the V2 kits because of the power supply position.  Contact us if you are interested in adding this to your V2 kit).

These plates can accommodate wheels or linear rails (sold separately)

 In addition to this plate you will need the following parts DOES NOT INCLUDE:

Pro kits: 2 ea 2040 x 550 extrusion
Non-pro: 2 ea 2020 x 550 extrusion

4x angle brackets (printable)
8x M5 t-slot nuts
8x M5 x 8mm button head screws
12x V-slot wheels
4x 8mm spacer
8x 8mm eccentric nuts
8x M5x30 button head screws
8x M5 nylon lock nut
8x silicone spacers

This project is a work in progress.  Early adopters are appreciated! We do not have a complete kit ready for this.  All of the above parts are usually in your desk drawer or available on Amazon.

Build instructions coming soon.