AC Powered 600 watt heat pad with solid state relay (SSR)

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New and improved! 

WARNING: 240V heat pad will not function on 120V electrical supply (North America).  Make sure you are buying the correct heat pad for your electrical system!!

390x390 mm silicone heat pad with solid sate relay, self-adhesive specifically designed exclusively for the Ender Extender 400 extension kit.

Includes Genuine Mager SSR

Includes 100K thermistor - marlin type 1, READ BELOW ADDITIONAL DETAILS

Specify 120 V or 240 V when ordering

Disclaimer and installation guide


About the included thermistor:

Unfortunately, the provider did not make it obvious that they do not include a connector on the thermistor wires, and we do not have the tools to crimp these connectors to a satisfactory degree of precision.  You may need to update the firmware (we will provide firmware for 32 bit boards preconfigured for this heat pad)

There are two options. 

You can splice the included 2 pin extension wire (red/black with white connectors on both ends) onto this new thermistor wire.  You can simply twist the pairs of wires and use heat shrink tubing, or if you have the ability, solder the two pairs together.  

Second option, use the existing Ender 3 thermistor.  Using the existing yellow tape and insulation pad from your stock plate, mount it per the instructions, between the heat pad and the aluminum plate.   This method does not require firmware update.