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Product Installation Notice

When joining wires with solderless connectors it is best practice to trim off the Creality Soldered ends of your stock wire before inserting into these connectors. If you have these already installed, my strongest recommendation is just invest in an inexpensive soldering iron, some solder, and heat shrink tubing and perform a proper joint with the extension wire supplied. We are removing this part from our kits.


Ender S1 - 400XL Extension Kit Installation Guide (large pdf)

Ender 5 kits:

Ender Extender 5XL, and Dual Z Install Guide

For Voxelab Aquila and Ender 3 V2 kits:

Ender Extender V2 Installation Guide 

Teaching Tech Firmware full installation guide for V2

For Non V2 kits:

Ender Extender Installation Guide (Rev G) 

If you purchased your kit prior to April 5, 2021 the following installation guide would be applicable:

Ender Extender Installation Guide (Rev F)

We are trying to streamline our installation guides and have an all-in-one guide.

The following older guides should suffice while we finish our updated documentation:

(Above guides covers 300 and 400 Pro and Non Pro kits.  Combine with the XL Guide below for kits employing the increased Z height)

Ender Extender XL (235x235x500) Installation Guide 

AC Powered heat bed installation


The Edge Of Tech Ender Extender 400 Pro Build Video


SKR Turbo 1.4 Configuration (including Dual Z alignment)