Installation Guides

Ender 5 kits:

Ender Extender 5XL, and Dual Z Install Guide

For Voxelab Aquila and Ender 3 V2 kits:

Ender Extender V2 Installation Guide 

Teaching Tech Firmware full installation guide for V2

For Non V2 kits:

Ender Extender Installation Guide (Rev G) 

If you purchased your kit prior to April 5, 2021 the following installation guide would be applicable:

Ender Extender Installation Guide (Rev F)

We are trying to streamline our installation guides and have an all-in-one guide.

The following older guides should suffice while we finish our updated documentation:

(Above guides covers 300 and 400 Pro and Non Pro kits.  Combine with the XL Guide below for kits employing the increased Z height)

Ender Extender XL (235x235x500) Installation Guide 

AC Powered heat bed installation


The Edge Of Tech Ender Extender 400 Pro Build Video


SKR Turbo 1.4 Configuration (including Dual Z alignment)