VAT, Duties, Customs Information

Know your Taxes, VAT, Duties, Customs fees!

Each country charges its residents fees for the privileges they enjoy.  These fees are paid in the manner of VAT taxes on goods purchased (locally or imported); and customs/duties for imported goods.  These vary greatly from country to country and we cannot pay these fees on your behalf.

Each shipping carrier charges fees to manage the filings with your government to clear customs. This is called a brokerage fee. It is quite high and you always have the option to self clear customs by filling out the forms yourself. When the package arrives you make this choice and pay the import tax, file the forms and pay duties if any.


You have the right to clear your own customs, it is easy, but the shipping agencies are reluctant because they make a lot of profit from this "service".  Here is the info on how to do this.  Example is UPS but same is for DHL

Instructions for self clearing customs


  • Do NOT agree to UPS acting as your broker. Not through email or when they’re at your door. Just say no and do NOT accept your package.
  • Email or call UPS and say you are going to self clear your item. Ask them to email you the necessary documents.
  • Bring those documents to your nearest Border Services Agency (must be Inland offices)
  • Pay your actual taxes and get your stamped forms back along with the B-15 form they provide.
  • Email the forms back to UPS to prove you paid your owing taxes.
  • Wait for your package to arrive free of charge.
  • Notes
  • UPS will try to avoid doing this. They'll pretend not to know what you're talking about. They'll avoid emailing or calling you back.

PESTER them if you have to because they DO know what you're talking about and they HAVE TO by law give you the information you're asking for.

Tax/VAT, Duties and Customs fees are not paid by Ender Extender and are not included in the order total.

When you purchase something in most countries, VAT is added at the time of purchase to your order.  When you purchase goods across borders, there are certain caveats to this rule.  If a retailer transacts less than a particular amount per year for the receiving country, they do not have to register as a VAT business and therefore do not charge VAT at the time of sale.  We currently fall in this category, as we are a small business, who's primary customer base is in the United States.  As such you must expect that your required Tax/VAT is not included in the purchase price on this website.

You must include your phone number/email address when ordering, otherwise your package will be severely delayed.

The VAT rate for the UK currently stands at 20 per cent, this was changed from 17.5 per cent on the 4th of January 2011. 

See this Wikipedia page for a complete list of tax rates by country


HS Code

The HS code used for our extension kits is 847759.  You may use this code to look up possible customs duties applicable to your order.  You will need to know the shipping cost and the total order cost.  For international shipping, use $60 USD (DHL) as the base calculation, as it seems a viable average based on previous orders. International shipping costs can vary from $40 to $70.

Note: Most countries charge customs/duties/VAT on total order (that's shipping+item total).

Use this calculator to get a general idea of what you should expect to pay when your package arrives at your port of entry.