Dispute Resolution

1. We are not responsible for losses or damage caused by shipping carriers. In the event a product is damaged during shipping we must file a claim with the shipping carrier and the claims process can take from 14 to 30 days to resolve. During this process you will be expected to provide proof the item was damaged during shipping. This is vitally important! Do not discard damaged boxes, shipping materials or damaged product. Failure to provide these items when the carrier requests them will result in a denial of your claim.

2. No replacement products without proper claims processing. Our products are in high demand and supply is limited. We cannot provide replacement parts until the claims process has been completed.

3. Missing product. We do our best to ensure your shipment is complete. This includes daily inventory counts, photographing shipments as they are packed and closed, and two-person confirmation of contents. In the event that a customer claims a shipment was missing a part or product we will review our records and if the situation requires it, we will issue a refund or replacement at our sole discretion. Due to product scarcity and limited supplies, We are under no obligation to replace missing product claims.

4. Final authority. We are the final authority on all outcomes. Our limitation of liability is equal to the sum of your order minus shipping expenses incurred.