Silicone Bed Mounts for Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro/Ender 5/Ender 5 Pro

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Typical springs may produce inconsistent bed leveling problems.  Silicone bed mounts address this issue by resisting heat and do not expand while the bed heater is on.  Includes 3 tall (18mm) and 1 short (15mm) silicone bed mount. 

Installation instructions:

  • Remove adjustment wheels
  • Remove springs
  • Install silicone bed mounts
  • Install adjustment wheels
  • Do not over tighten.

Common problems:

X Gantry is not level.  Ensure your X gantry is properly aligned and eccentric wheels are adjusted to avoid any tilt in the x gantry.

Perform manual leveling corner to corner.

You may have to adjust your Z axis end-stop if the nozzle does not reach the build plate after homing.

If you're using BLTouch, ensure manual corner leveling is performed first.  This can be done by using the LCD to home the printer, and set the Z to 0, then move the X and Y axis to each corner.  Make two or three passes when leveling because adjusting a corner has the opposite effect on the opposite corner.