Ender Extender 300 (For Ender 3 PRO)

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Attention!! There are two versions of the Ender 3; a Pro version and Non Pro version. You must order the correct kit to fit your version of the printer, as they are not easily interchangeable!! If you order the wrong kit and need replacement parts later you will incur additional charges for replacement parts and shipping.

The little brother to the Xtender 400, this version sports a medium sized build plate of 12 inch by 12 inch (approximately 310mm by 310mm).  When you want just a little more room on the build platform but don't have space for the Xtender 400.

Note: This model includes the same, but smaller, parts as the Ender Xtender 400.  If you need a print surface, we suggest adding the 12 by 12 mirror product to your order so we can ship it in the same carton.

(Picture shows printer; printer is not included.  This is for a DIY kit which includes frame parts, build plate and screws/nuts/washers to assemble onto your existing Ender 3 printer)

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