Coronavirus, backorders, shipping delays

Unfortunately we find it necessary to post this information regard the chaos that continues around the world in regards to the pandemic.

Our current time to fabricate and pack your order is about three to five days, except for holidays and weekends.

We are currently only using UPS for domestic orders and DHL for international orders.

We cannot and will not guarantee timely delivery. Once your package is handed off to UPS or DHL you will be able to monitor its progress by the corresponding carrier's website. We do not ship via USPS so please do not list a PO Box as your shipping address.

Delays can be very frustrating. We do not have any more information than you at any given time. If you are not a patient person or are in some kind of a rush then it might not be in your best interest right now to order online. We are not a large company. We have three full time people working very hard for you and deserve your patience and respect.

Back orders and wait lists

Sometimes stuff happens. We might run out of one part and have to skip a few orders, tending to others where parts are available. If the delay is going to be longer than a week we will try to inform you of the situation.