Ultimate Y Axis Upgrade Kit for Ender Extender 400 Kits

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The Universal Carriage Plate can accommodate wheels or linear rails (sold separately)

It implements four point levelling mounts for backwards compatibility purposes

11-16-2023 - Please NOTE:  Our 400x400 plates have eight holes for be levelling mounting, but this plate has more mounting options such as holes in the very corner.  You can easily drill the outer most holes in your 400x400 aluminum plate using this plate as a guide.  Then use a counter sink bit (available at local hardware store) to counter sink the top side holes for the screw heads.  This is a simple mod but worth it for the added stability.   Future heated bed plates will have these holes included. (Starting Late Dec - Early January)

This kit includes:

Also, for V2/Aquila kits, we include 2ea 2020x500 front/rear supports, 4 m5x20 screws/washers, 8x M5x25 screws with lock washers.

2 ea 2040 x 550 extrusion 
1x Large carriage plate
4x angle brackets (printable)
8x M5 t-slot nuts
8x M5 x 8mm button head screws
8x V-slot wheels (use 4 existing wheels)
4x 8mm spacer
6x 8mm eccentric nuts
8x M5x30 button head screws
8x M5 nylon lock nut
8x silicone spacers

Recommended add on:

2 ea 510mm 4040 bottom Left/Right frame members

For V2 owners, you'd need to relocate the power supply, and select the V2 option so we can include additional parts for your custom build.