Ender Extender Bottom Frame Member - 510mm (one piece)

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Ender Extender Bottom Frame Member (4040 x 510mm)

The Ender Extender/Ender 3 has two bottom left/right frame parts that serve as the base of the frame, along with the center cross member.

This item is one 4040 x 510mm, fits either left or right side.  Two are required to complete a frame.  This is an extended version of the stock frame member to give more support for the Ender Extender 400 kit.


** Note: This was previously listed as 550mm however this size will not function correctly with the Ender Extender 400 kits. Therefore we have reduced the length to 510 to accommodate V2 kits as well as 400/400XL kits.  If you receieved the previous lengths and they are too long please contact us to arrange exchange for proper length)