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What's good in “the new poly tire”?

  1. Lowest coefficient of friction, reduced to the level of Teflon, which provides maximum anti-friction qualities
  2. Highest coefficient of elasticity
  3. Resistance to mechanical damage and wear
  4. The service life of the polymer part of the wheel is increased by 7-10 times compared to traditional materials
  5. The new V-WHEEL 2.0 tire material is free from the disadvantages inherent to polyacetal and polycarbonate:

- Does not deform under load

- Does not rub off into dust, unlike polyacetal

- Unlike polycarbonate, it does not crack or break

Design of the new V-WHEEL 2.0 is traditionally supplemented with high-quality reliable bearings of P5/ABEC5 standards. And also received a new precision shim made of stainless steel, polished on both sides.

The new “V-WHEEL 2.0 by A7LAB.XYZ” corresponds to the blueprints of OpenBuilds and is produced under the Open Source license CC BY-SA 4.0



Manufacturer: A7LAB.XYZ (Ukraine)

Wheel material: polymer

Polymer part production accuracy: 5 microns (0.00019685")

NOTE: this product is capable of continuous operation in enclosed printers with a maximum temperature of 85'C (185'F)

Outer diameter: 24.0 mm

Thickness: 10.85 mm

Bearing type: 625 2RS, 625ZZ / R-1650HH

Quality standard: P5 (class 5, ABEC5)

Bearing brands: NMB (Minebea Mitsumi, Japan); UBC (IKO Nippon Thompson, Japan)

Bearing type: EMQ (engine bearing: high speed and low noise)

The maximum revolutions are 40,000-45,000

Dynamic load, Cr: 1750-1860 N

Static load Cor: 730-750 N

ID: 5mm (Metric M5)

Material: chrome steel SAE-52100

Warranty period (bearing only): 18 months from date of purchase or 50,000 km, whichever is earlier.

The color of the bearing and the polymer part may differ from the photo. We reserve the right to choose bearings of other brands as well as the color of the polymer at our discretion without loss of quality for the customer