Ender Extender XL (400mm print height)

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This is a smaller version of our original XL kit for those that do not desire the full 500 height. 

Extend the capabilities of your Creality Ender 3 3D Printer to an impressive  height of 400mm. 

This kit includes all the frame parts, wiring (extruder/x axis motor/endstop), and lead screw to extend the height and build platform the Ender 3 to 400mm.  

All kits are made to order and you should expect 3 weeks processing time depending on availability of required parts.

Picture indicates finished product; printer not included.

Kit contents:

2 - aluminum extrusion (Z axis)
1 - lead screw
1 - 1 wiring harness for extruder/X axis motors+X axis end stop
(note: wires connecting to the hot-end do not need to be extended for this kit and are not included)

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