Ender Extender Reseller Pack #1 - 400XL and 400

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This is a reseller pack.  It is shipped in a large box for resellers to repackage and ship to their customers.  Resellers will pack their customer orders according to our guidelines.

Recommended shipping cartons:

400XL - 20in x 20in x 6in

400 - 18in x 18in x 6in

This pack contains 10 Ender Extender kits.  5 ea of 400XL and 5 ea of 400.  Each pack will contain all PRO or all NON Pro kits.  Select the option For Ender 3 Pro, For Ender 3, or For Ender 3 V2 during checkout.

Shipping costs will be invoiced prior to shipping.

Use your reseller code as the coupon code to apply your applicable discount.

Thank you for being an Ender Extender Reseller!

For details on how to become a reseller, please contact us.