Ender Extender 500XL Complete Printer

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This is a fully assembled 500x500x500 3D printer based on the robust design of the Ender 5. This printer includes the Duet Mini 5+ wifi enabled control board and PanelDue 5i for on-printer control. You may also opt for Ethernet version.

The printer is powered by a Meanwell 300 watt power supply. 

The print bed is powered by a 750 watt heated aluminum MIC6 plate, with a milled flat surface. 

The extruder/hotend combination is a Micro-Swiss direct drive and an all metal hot-end. Included is a full set of nozzle sizes, the unit is fitted with a .8 mm nozzle.
The printing surface is a durable  PEI sheet that is smooth on one side.

The unit is shipped fully assembled and tested.

Additional shipping and crating fees will be billed seperately.