Ender Extender 500 For The Creality Ender 5/Ender 5 Pro

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Ender 5 = 235x235x400

Ender Extender 500 for the Ender 5 = 510x510x400

Ender Extender 500XL for the Ender 5 = 510x510x500

Parts included:

  • Frame kit to expand the X and Y size of the Ender 5 
  • Mounting rails for build platform
  • 510x510 Aluminum plate 
  • XL size includes Z height of 500mm (corner extrusions, rods and lead screws)
  • Z Stage parts (lead screws/rods/bearings/mounts) for dual z motor setup
  • Wire extensions and fasteners
  • AC powered heat pad with solid state relay (SSR)
  • PEI sheet 510x510

 (Picture shows completed printer; Ender 5 donor printer is required but not included.  This is for a DIY kit which includes frame parts, heat plate and screws/nuts/washers to assemble onto your existing printer)