Creality 3D® Ultrabase 410*410*4mm Carbon Silicon Glass Plate Platform

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Creality continues to improve their glass!  This size fits the Ender Extender 400 and 400 XL kits.  

  • No Edge Curling - 2020 new Creality 3D printer glass bed, its microporous coating on the upper surface can adsorb the model to glass bed surface, no issues of print edges curling.
  • No-indentation Printing - Upgraded CR-10 glass plate has a much smaller logo, which avoids leaving logo indentations on molds surface during 3D printing.
  • Excellent Flatness - Improved 3D printer borosilicate glass plate provides more flat and more smooth build surface than magnetic mat or pei sheet, ensuring high flatness for the bottom of model.
  • Super Convenient - Very easy to take off the model, no tools needed; This glass bed could be fixed with middle sized clips and cleaned with alcohol or acetone at room temperature.
  • Compatibility - The 3D printer parts is applicable with Creality 3D printers of CR-10S4 and Ender Extender 400/400XL kits.