BigTreeTech SKR 1.4 Turbo Control Board

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  • Firmware available for all Ender Extender sizes with and without BL-Touch.
  • Performance has been significantly improved with the LPC1768 series Cortex-M3 main control chip with 32-bit main frequency and 120 MHz ARM level
  • Using dedicated M6130 power chip, support 12-24V power input;
  • The SPI and UART work mode controlled by the TMC driver, which also has the DIAG pin, which eliminates the need for a complex wiring process and can be used by simply pulling the jumper cap off.
  • Double Z-axis interface, which eliminates problems with the external drive expansion module.
  • Includes 2 TMC2209 (X/Y) driver modules and three A4988 (Z1/Z2/Extruder)

(Description copied from Amazon listing)

Consult BigTreeTech Github page for installation and wiring instructions.

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