AC Powered 600 watt heat pad with solid state relay (SSR)

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WARNING: 240V heat pad will not function on 120V electrical supply (North America).  Make sure you are buying the correct heat pad for your electrical system!!

400x400 mm silicone heat pad with solid sate relay, self-adhesive specifically designed exclusively for the Ender Extender 400 extension kit.

The solid state relay in this product is not likely genuine.  They are labeled as 40AMP however I have confirmed that the device inside that performs the high current switching (MOSFET) is a BTA24-800, rated at 25 amperes RMS.  The heat pad itself will pull 5 AMPS (600 / 120V), or 2.5 AMPS (600/240v), well below the actual 25 AMP rating of the MOSFET.

In comparison, an actual, genuine SSR costs over $75 at 40 AMPs.  Even those listed on Amazon are non-genuine.  Buyer assumes all risks and liabilities for this item.  See disclaimer

Specify 120 V or 240 V when ordering

Disclaimer and installation guide