AC Powered 600 watt heat pad with solid state relay (SSR)

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400x400 mm silicone heat pad with solid sate relay, self-adhesive specifically designed exclusively for the Ender Extender 400 extension kit.

The solid state relay in this product is not likely genuine.  They are labeled as 40AMP however I have confirmed that the device inside that performs the high current switching (MOSFET) is a BTA24-800, rated at 25 amperes RMS.  The heat pad itself will pull 5 AMPS (600 / 120V), or 2.5 AMPS (600/240v), well below the actual 25 AMP rating of the MOSFET.

In comparison, an actual, genuine SSR costs over $75 at 40 AMPs.  Even those listed on Amazon are non-genuine.  Buyer assumes all risks and liabilities for this item.  See disclaimer

Specify 120 V or 240 V when ordering

Disclaimer and installation guide