Ender Extender V2 Information

As we launch the Ender Extender V2 kit, we may encounter some issues while we work out some last minute details.

A small number of kits shipped out last week (9/11/2020) and we realized a few things over the weekend.  We will send out update packages today, Monday, 9/14/2020 with corrected parts.

1. The Thermistor extension wire for the heat bed; we ran out of the proper connectors for these wires; and sent out pink barrel crimp connectors. However, these really do not work that well, so we are going to send the proper extension wires when we receive them, which should be in the coming week or two. In the mean time, you may attempt to use the pink barrel crimp connectors, or just strip the wires and twist the ends together and wrap with electrical tape. If you have a soldering iron, it would be ideal to solder the wires. These wires do not carry any voltage, but it is important that they do not come apart during printing. Ideally, wait for the new wires before assembling your kit.

2. Missing angle bracket for power supply support. We failed to drop a plastic angle bracket in your bag of parts for the power supply support. Not a huge issue, but we'll enclose links to the STL files so you can print this and possibly other useful parts.

3. X Belt too short. Apparently, the Ender 3 and Ender 3 V2 do not share the same belt length on the X axis. So we are enclosing a properly sized belt.

If there are any other issues, please email us at support@enderextender.com and we will address the problem immediately.

Thank you,
Ender Extender Support