Ender Extender® 400 For Voxelab Aquila

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The Voxelab Aquila is a very well made Ender 3 V2 clone that brings the entry price down under $200!  Naturally, we felt obligated to offer a Ender Extender kit for it! 

We are in the process of putting the kits together and taking pictures, so the picture below is just a stock Aquila.  However, the kit contents and build are identical to the V2 kit on our website.  

(This is a DIY kit which includes frame parts, large aluminum plate and screws/nuts/washers to assemble onto your existing Voxelab Aquila 3D printer)

Installation Guides


 This kit is the 400 size, and increases only the x and y to a printable area of about 400x400.  Actual plate size is 410x410 and fits perfectly the Creality glass plates that we have in stock or any CR10S4 size glass plates.

Installation for the Aquila Extender would be almost identical to the V2, catch Teaching Tech's video here: