Ender Extender 300x400

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This is a special custom build of the Xtender 400, but with a 300x400 plate.  This kit will extend the width (x axis) to 300mm and the Y axis to 400mm.

Extend the capabilities of your Creality Ender 3 3D Printer to an impressive 300mm (X) by 400mm (Y) printing platform.  This modification kit includes all the frame, hardware, and build platform parts necessary to extend the printing capacity of the Ender 3.  This kit does not increase the printer's height.

Picture indicates finished product; printer not included.

All kits are made to order and you should expect 3 weeks processing time depending on availability of required parts.

(Picture shows printer; printer is not included.  This is for a DIY kit which includes frame parts, build plate and screws/nuts/washers to assemble onto your existing Ender 3 printer)

Kit contents:

1 - 305mm x 406mm aluminum plate; four holes drilled and counter-sunk for attachment to existing Ender 3 heated build plate
1 - 3D printed motor mount for Y axis motor (non-pro only)
1 - 3D printed Y axis belt tensioner bracket (non-pro only)
1 - 3D printed Y axis end stop bracket (pro only)
1 - 4040 aluminum extrusion (Y Axis; pro only)
1 - 2040 aluminum extrusion (Y Axis; non-pro only)
3 - 2020 aluminum extrusion (top, bottom rear, bottom front)
1 - 2020 aluminum extrusion (X axis)
1 - X axis 2GT-6mm belt
1 - Y axis 2GT-6mm belt
1 - bag of screws, nuts, washers

(I do not have updated pictures of this build, so the photo represents the standard 400x400 build.)

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