Ender Extender®400XL For The Creality Ender 3

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Attention!! There are two versions of the Ender 3; a Pro version and Non Pro version. You must order the correct kit to fit your version of the printer, as they are not easily interchangeable!! If you order the wrong kit and need replacement parts later you will incur additional charges for replacement parts and shipping.

Extend the capabilities of your Creality Ender 3 3D Printer to an impressive 400mm (X) 400mm (Y) 500mm** (Z) printing platform. 

This kit includes all the frame, hardware, belts, wires and build platform parts necessary to extend the height and build platform the Ender 3.  There may be a week delay in shipping due to volume.

(Picture shows printer; printer is not included.  This is for a DIY kit which includes frame parts, build plate and screws/nuts/washers to assemble onto your existing Ender 3 printer)

 NOTE: You are changing the build size of your printer.  You will most likely need to update your firmware.  If you do not know how to do that, then please learn that process before building this kit.  Ender Extender is not responsible for your ability or inability to update your machine's firmware.  There are a ton of resources online to guide you through that process.

You should plan on acquiring a flat build surface such as a mirror or glass, about 400 x 400mm or 16" x 16").  It is not possible for me to source perfectly flat aluminum plates at this price.  


The aluminum plate that comes with this kit is not warrantied to be flat. You will require either a glass build surface or a bltouch; both are actually strongly recommended. 

Note **: Actual print height may be less than 500 depending upon the arrangement of the X/Extruder motor wiring harness and other options installed on your printer.  We do not guarantee final 500mm build height.