Ender Extender® 500 for the Creality CR10S

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Feeling cramped on your CR10S?  Need more?  This build will increase the X and Y dimensions of the Creality CR10S from 310mm to 510mm x 510mm.

Note: This kit does not extend the height.

Note: This kit is not intended for CR10 printers because they do not have dual Z axis, and you would require the additional Z motor and lead screw.) 

Kit does not fit CR10S Pro, CR10S Pro V2
Might fit: CR10 (With dual z kit), CR10 V2, CR10 V3
Does fit: CR10S

Kit includes:

Extrusions accurately milled, drilled and threads tapped.

Precision milled, 6.35mm thick cast aluminum build plate.  Holes for the bed levelling screws are drilled and counter-sunk.  For additional charge we can mill pockets for magnets to be epoxied in place.  This way you can use a spring steal sheet without the magnetic sticker sheet. Aluminum plate mounts on top of stock plate which provides heat.  May require adjusting start Gcode to enable multiple step pre-heating of the bed before printing.  Additionally, AC powered heating pads are widely available for the CR10S.

Note: With this plate you do not need a glass print surface.  Blue painters tape, kapton tape, or PEI steal sheet would be perfect.  


This is a DIY kit, and may be considered partially complete, depending on your printer's configuration.  It does not include extension wires for BLTouch, or any other custom add-ons.  Kit does not include a print surface such as PEI steel sheet.  Consider this an advanced skill level build.

No returns on this kit.

About the photo!  Droid dome was printed on early prototype. Latest revision of the kit uses double y axis system shown with green tape on the bed. Final product may vary from that shown.